Friday, July 8, 2022

Life's Mystery


It really is so incomprehensible, you know

Words can’t capture it,

And we, grasping but a moment of it's mystery,

Feast on that beauty our whole lives.

Becoming Buddhas


Quiet Breathing, fresh Spring air - in the process of becoming Buddhas.

A wondrous dance of thought-clouds perform…

Suddenly, Dharma light dawns, chasing them all away.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Die before Death and Live Now


Before us lies this world glistening with the intoxication of desire

Ever moving, ever changing, a continuous weave of changing cycles.

It beckons us: ‘come, come, join the dance’,,

Come spin and twirl until you are dizzy like

An amusement park ride;

Experience after experience in endless procession.


Trinkets and toys allure and fascinate,

until fascination dies from lack of a sense of reality.

In this dying I become alive, as I watch the world fade;

Its shimmer growing dull,

The laughter of its children joyful no more,

The kiss of its pleasure sweet and sensual no longer.


Finally, I turn within, for where else can I go.

What is this sense I feel,

Like the pull of a deep cosmic current moving within the heart.

A blinding light is its greeting, 

Dissolving and awakening at the same time !

The soul, the soul - Dawn comes, Spring comes,

Rebirth comes.


Darkness and confusion dissolve

In golden light emanating from within.

A spell is broken, a tightly spun fabric unraveled, a riddle undone.

I see the great dancer for all that she is – veiled temptress, lover, teacher.

I return to the land of the living, joyful,

Changed, yet unchanged.


Monday, March 7, 2022

Eagle’s Song


Eagle’s Song

I am the mountains strong

I am the rivers long

I am the sun at dawn

I am the winds beyond

I am you and you are me and as the eagle we are free.


I am the trees grown tall

I am rain that falls

I am the desert heat

I am the air we breath

I am you and you are me and as the eagle we are free.


Beyond this Earth I fly

Into an endless sky

Past and future are no more

For on the wings of God I soar

I am you and you are me and as the eagle we are free.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Divine Gifts


There are Divine Gifts


At the door of your Heart.

Open the Door, 

Let them In!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Don’t Suffer Alone

 When you hurt,
Find a flower, and let it share its joy;
Listen to a bird sing, and let them lift your spirit;
Feel the Earth heal your body, Sit on some grass
And let it share its vitality;
Sit by flowing water, its sound can sooth a broken heart;
Press your spine against the trunk of a tree,
And feel its strength;
Let the breeze at dawn dry your tears;
Let the moon wrap your heart in her love;
Look to the night sky, and let
the vastness of space carry you away from this place.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Banquet of the Walia (Spiritual Friends)

The savor of the Friend
Lingers in my heart like and ancient wine
By God's grace I drink this draught
Until lost in ecstasy.

Oh beloved divine Friends,
It should not be told how the heart melts in your wine
for words are but an echo
in the face of our holy communion.

Yet how my heart would grieve
not to tell such a tale of divine intoxication.

Within this tavern
built from the fabric of our hearts
I have become drunk in Love, such that
I cannot even see my face.
Oh how my imprisoned heart has longed for such blindness
to be free from the terrible tyranny of nufs.

Pour us more wine dear Walia
and let’s become mudzub.
We will light our campfire with the burning of robes.
And that dark expanse that separates lover from beloved
will melt in our intoxication.

Oh dear Walia, I must inform you that
Our drinking songs
have banished us from the table of the pious;
Lament not!
For their fare could never sate a hunger such as ours!

Sing on, Dear Walia
For the sweetness of our dhikr
has been noticed by the wine merchant.
She has welcomed us to the banquet of the true lovers
and bid us eat forever.

Oh beloved Wali,
Some say this wine giveth the heart wings
to fly into heaven.
I say, what need have we of wings,
For in the intoxication of love
this heart has found heaven on earth.